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FIFA Freestyle

FIFA Freestyle

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Canada -- Belmont women's soccer newcomer Stephanie Bukovec (Toronto, Canada) is maximizing her summer vacation with a trip to the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup.  The goalkeeper is a member of a freestyle soccer team who is traveling and performing at various events.

Bukovec, a junior goalkeeper who transferred from Oakland University, will don the Bruin red and blue for the first time this fall.  She is blogging about her experiences to share with Belmont fans.

Stephanie's World Cup Photo Gallery

Stephanie's Highlight Video

"This summer I've gotten the opportunity to perform freestyle soccer for not only the Women's World Cup but also the Pan Am Games.  I've been freestyling for almost five years now and have seen and meet some incredible people.  I've gotten the opportunity to freestyle for the FIFA Women's World Cup, broadcasting the Canada vs. China.

"During this freestyling opportunity, I got the pleasure to freestyle with Professional freestylers, Caitlyn Schrepfer from Los Angeles, Skye Cowie from North Carolina, and the pioneer of freestyling Steve Elias, better known as elifreeze."

A native of Toronto, Bukovec will continue touring with her freestyle soccer team through the Pan Am Games next month and will update this blog periodically.