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Five Questions with Jack Bergstrom

Jack Bergstrom
Jack Bergstrom

For our next installment of our Five Question Series, we check in with sophomore Jack Bergstrom.

Bergstrom is a native of Lexington, Kentucky and is majoring in business.  Last season, he competed in 12 rounds in four events.  His best finish was a tie for 52nd place finish at the Pinehurst Intercollegiate.  In addition, he went 1-1-1 at the President's Day Match Play Championship, where the Bruins won the team title. 


How did you get started in golf and what do love most about it?

I started playing golf, with my grandfather (Poppie) in Hilton Head South Carolina. Poppie would take me out to Moss Creek Golf Course and we would play every day for weeks on end during the summers. The thing I love most about golf is the connections I have made through this great game. Golf was a bond I shared with my grandfather and I will forever play in his memory. All of my best friends in life have come from my golf course, Keene Trace. Golf is the only sport that one can play for their entire life and I can't wait to see where it takes me and my friends next.


If you could play any golf course in the world, which you would you play and why?

If I could go anywhere in the world to play golf it would be Royal Melbourne, in Australia. Royal Melbourne is Alister Mackenzie's seminal design in the most unique golfing area in the world. The Australian Sand Belt has the greatest coIlection of golf courses in the world. I would love to take a buddies trip to the Sand Belt to play Royal Melbourne along with Metropolitan and Kingston Heath.


Is there a new talent or hobby you learned during quarantine?

I fished a lot over quarantine. There is nothing more relaxing than fishing a lake in rural Kentucky at sundown. No matter how long my day was, between work and practice, fishing helped me to unwind. It seemed like every day the news got more and more negative. However, I could spend an hour every night disconnecting from the depressing social media and getting closer to nature in God's country.


What golfer did you idolize growing up and why?

I have always looked up to Rory Mcilroy. Most people look up to Rory the golfer, yes I love what he does on the golf course, he is an other worldly talent. However, I admire Rory the person. He is the most honest athlete I have ever come across in sports. Most athletes just give vanilla answers to cause as little controversy as possible. If you watch Rory in a press conference he isn't afraid to call something like it is. He is willing to have uncomfortable conversations, in order to speak his mind. I have never had a problem calling things like I see it, so that is why I always have looked up to Rory.


What makes Belmont special to you?

Nashville is an awesome place to experience college. It is a place I could see myself staying after school. I have met some awesome people at Belmont and gotten a great education.