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Reunited Again

Reunited Again

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- The Belmont baseball team capped off its alumni weekend on Saturday at Rose Park with its annual alumni game. 

The results on the scoreboard was not what mattered, however. For former Belmont baseball players, it was about having the opportunity to play another game on their former home turf. 

"It's really awesome to see old teammates, friends and family," Chas Hadden (19') said. "It's very cool to see everybody and relive what I've lived for the past four years. It's really cool." 

Former players grew their bond with the golf tournament on Friday, carrying over that chemistry over to the field on Saturday. Even though the final day of Alumni Weekend, Sunday's exhibition game against Columbia State Community College, was canceled due to projected thunderstorms in the forecast, the players made the most of Saturday's game. 

Having former players travel from places such as Georgia and Florida, the alumni made certain that the 2019 game was one they would remember for the rest of their lives. 

"We have guys flying in from all over the place, so it's really cool to get everybody together in Nashville for a weekend," Hadden said. "Not just during the day at the game, but before the game and after the game we all hang out. It's really cool to do that with everybody and see everybody." 

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For current players, the opportunity to meet with former Belmont players was a chance to grow their knowledge about how the program has grown. While some current players got to reunite with former teammates, all the players had the chance to hear stories from Bruin players from the 1960's, 1980's, etc. 

According to Chandler Adkins, all the players took full advantage of the opportunity. 

"When they show up, it proves what we talk about all the time in being a family," Adkins said. "It's so special, really, to be able to see all these guys that care about this program. You look and you have those connections for life. That's what this is about: being a family." 

Due to head coach Dave Jarvis and the baseball program making the alumni feel at home, it is an event a handful of former players plan to return for years to come.

"I've made some lifelong friends. People that I will be good friends with forever," Drake Bryd (17') said. "I've been the best man at a few weddings from guys that I met here. You will have friends that you will have forever."