Student-Athlete Alumni Spotlight -- Kimberly & Nicole Muldowney

Student-Athlete Alumni Spotlight -- Kimberly & Nicole Muldowney

For the month of July, the Student-Athlete Alumni Spotlight will focus on the sets of twins who have competed for the Bruins.  This week’s profile focuses on Kimberly and Nicole Muldowney.

The Muldowneys competed in cross country and track and field from 2008-2012.  During their time at Belmont, they helped lead BU to an A-Sun cross country and earned a number of conference honors. recently caught up with Kimberly and Nicole to talk about their time at Belmont, running, and their current life here in Nashville.


Why did you choose Belmont?

Kimberly: I chose Belmont for a several reasons, but mainly because I loved Nashville. I loved how Belmont had the “small school feel” in a big city. I also liked that the girls on the team were such a tight group of friends. This camaraderie was important to me since I came from such a great group of high school teammates and friends.

Nicole: I chose Belmont because of the size, the people, and the location.  The team of girls genuinely cared about one another and that made all the difference. Nashville is also such a cool city and it has been fun to see how much it has changed throughout the years!


What is your fondest athletic memory at Belmont?

Kimberly: A few memories stand out in my mind. One would have been our team’s trip to Sioux Falls, South Dakota during my freshman year. I enjoyed all of the trips that allowed us to travel and experience a new place. Although I was injured at the time, I still had a great experience traveling (seeing Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands, and Wall Drug) with my teammates and bonding over the experience. Traveling with teammates are memories that I will always cherish.

Another memory that stands out in my mind was the 2010 NCAA South Regional XC Championship in Birmingham, AL. I remember feeling a lot of emotions during that race since it was the last xc race of my junior year, we were racing in my hometown (and home course), and I had so much support from family, friends, coaches, and teammates along the way. It was a rewarding experience.

Nicole: One of my fondest athletic memories at Belmont was when our team won the 2008 A-Sun Conference cross country championship.  I was a freshman and it was a great way to start my athletic career at Belmont.  We also had a huge support system there with all of the parents and family that attended.

Another fond memory was racing the 10k in outdoor conference in Jacksonville my senior year.  It was one of my favorite races since I got a personal record in that race and it was one of my last races at Belmont. I remember the energy around the track and all the support and love that I felt from the coaching staff including Ashley Casavant, Joe Frye, and Jeff Langdon.  Having support for 25 laps around a track is definitely encouraging and needed!


Who had the biggest influence on you during your athletic career at Belmont?

Kimberly: Ashley Casavant had the biggest influence on my athletic career at Belmont. Ashley is a great motivator, supporter, and friend. She offered so much great advice during my career (and still does!). I am proud to call her a great friend today.

Nicole: My parents had the biggest influence on me during my athletic career.  They were the best supporters and almost never missed a race or meet.


What is the most valuable thing you gained or learned from your time at Belmont?

Kimberly: The most valuable thing I gained from Belmont is the relationships that I made while I was there. I still hold a lot of the friendships that I made at Belmont dear to my heart.

Nicole: I learned a lot in my math major at Belmont.  I remember one thing that sticks out was from my math professor, Dr. Biles.  He would tell students to learn the concepts until they became a part of you.  It was a new way for me to learn higher math theories and stuck with me ever since.


What advice would you give to current members of the cross country team?

Kimberly: I would say to live in the moment and to not lose sight of your goals. Four years goes by fast and it important to appreciate your teammates, coaches, support, and resources that are available to you at the collegiate level. Sometimes you do not realize all that is provided until you leave college.

Nicole: I would tell the current cross country team to embrace everything that Belmont and the athletic department has to offer and listen to your coaches.  It is very important that your goals are understood and you work with the coaches, trainers, and athletic department to make those goals become a reality.  


Who was your favorite professor and why?

Kimberly: Dr. Sarah Fleming was one of my favorite professors at Belmont. I had many math classes with her and enjoyed her enthusiasm and passion for teaching.

Nicole: Dr. Sarah Fleming was my favorite professor at Belmont.  Dr. Fleming always had a positive attitude and she brought so much happiness to class.  She truly made learning fun and enjoyable.  She was also my advisor and I really appreciated all that she did for me, especially in helping me decide to be a math major!


Where do you live now?

Kimberly and Nicole: We live right here in Nashville, only a few miles from Belmont ---1.5 miles away to be exact :).


Who is your employer?

Kimberly: I am career switching at the moment. I went from being an Accountant at MStreet Entertainment Group to now, pursuing a career as a secondary math teacher. I majored in math at Belmont, so I am excited to pass on my passion for math to students!

I still love to run and recently completed my first marathon, the New York City Marathon, last November. It was a tough race, but it was a great experience and it was exhilarating to run the streets of New York City.

Nicole: I work at Wiles, Taylor & Co, a business management and accounting firm in the music industry.  I am an accountant and work with musicians and bands – it is pretty cool to be a part of this growing industry in Nashville! 

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