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Student-Athlete Alumni Spotlight - Brittney Kelly Michael

Student-Athlete Alumni Spotlight - Brittney Kelly Michael

Brittney Kelly Michael was a member of the women’s soccer team from 1999-2003.  She played in 67 matches for the Bruins and scored 10 career goals and 24 points during her four-year career.  Both marks ranked her the top-10 in the Belmont record books when she graduated in 2004.  Brittney, who presented lives outside of Seattle, recently spoke to Belmont Athletics about her time at Belmont and her current life in the Pacific Northwest. 


Why did you choose Belmont?

When I did my campus visit I just fell in love with the old Southern colonial feel of the school and the team was so welcoming and friendly. They treated me like I was already one of their teammates and I knew I’d have a lot of fun with them. My dad always told me to pick a school where I would still love attending if soccer was out of the picture for some reason and Belmont was exactly that.


What is your fondest athletic memory at Belmont?

To be honest I don’t remember too many details about any specific games…who won which games, what the score was, amazing plays etc., but what stands out are all the memories with the team. Road trips were always the most fun. I have so many great memories and stories of hotel stays, games on the bus or in the van and pep talks in the locker room.


What is the most valuable thing you gained or learned from your time at Belmont?

Mental strength. Living away from family the first time is tough, you have to learn to lean on friends and be ok with being alone sometimes and missing out on things going on back home. College & college sports bring various levels of adversity on and off the field and while difficult at the time, in the long run made me stronger and more adamant about standing up for what is right and what I believe in….and realizing what that is! 


What advice would you give to current members of the soccer team?

Have fun & enjoy it. Your teammates are friends you’ll have for a lifetime. Even the ones you lose touch with I can guarantee would do anything for you if you needed it. The time flies by and you don’t want to look back regretting anything, wishing you played or trained harder. Leave it all on the field every single time. Not everyone is able to play college soccer and you should take full advantage of that opportunity you were given.


Who was your favorite professor and why?

Bill Camp (he’s been gone a long time). I had not been planning on getting a degree in Information Systems Management but took his general IT class and loved it. He talked to me about what types of jobs were available in the IT profession and it all clicked and I knew what I wanted to do. He taught the majority of the IT classes and always made it fun and interesting.


Where do you live now?

Gig Harbor, Washington


What is your occupation?

I’ve been at Slalom Consulting since shortly after graduation in 2003 (13 years). I’m a Senior Applications Analyst in the internal IT department. I develop, design & implement enhancements and integrations for our large enterprise systems (time/expense, Billing & Financial, HCM, etc.).


Tell us about your family.

I have been married 13 years to Travis who I met when I was at Belmont and we have 2 sons (Nash – 7 and Ryker – 4).   Nash was actually named after Nashville where we met! We also have a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, Koda.

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