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Student-Athlete Alumni Spotlight


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Kristin McKnight Allen
Kristin competed in cross country/track and field for Belmont from 2002-2005 and currently lives in Franklin.  
Elizabeth Smothers Mockmore
Elizabeth competed in cross country/track and field for Belmont from 2004-2008 and currently lives in Nashville.  
Emily Cahill Lusk
Emily played volleyball for the Bruins from 2005-2008 and currently lives in suburban Cincinnati.
Matt Renfrow
Matt played soccer for Belmont from 2001-2005 and currently lives in Marion, Indiana.  
Elizabeth Bublis Swafford
Elizabeth played soccer for the Bruins from 2006-10 and currently lives outside Chattanooga, TN
Elizabeth Pollock Allen
Elizabeth (Lizz) competed in track and field for Belmont from 2005-2009 and currently lives in Garland, TX.  
Lindsey and Josh Colbert
Lindsey played volleyball for BU from 1995-1999, while Josh played baseball from 1994-1998.  They live in Nolensville, TN.  
Adam Barnes
Adam played basketball for the Bruins from 2008-2013 and currently lives in New Orleans.
Jessica Matson Sheridan
Jessica played basketball for Belmont from 1996-2000 and currently lives in Knoxville.
Michael Moretti
Michael played tennis and soccer for the Bruins from 2002-2005 and currently splits time between Houston and Costa Rica.
Erica Carter
Erica played soccer for Belmont from 2007-2010 and currently lives in New York City.  
Katie Rhodes 
Katie played tennis for the Bruins from 2004-2008.  She lives in Asheville, N.C.
Wes Wray
Wes was a goalie on the men's soccer team from 2007-10 and currently resides in Houston.
Amanda Jones Martin 
Amanda played softball for Belmont from 1999-2003 and lives in Olympia, Washington.
Katie Chinn Weyer
Katie ran cross country and track from 2001-05 and currently lives in Tell City, Indiana.
Stuart Ashwood
Stuart played golf for Belmont from 2007-10.  He currently lives in San Francisco.
Beth Davis Akers
Belmont played softball for the Bruins from 1998-2001 and lives in Nashville.  
Willy Sandoval
Willy was a member of the men's tennis team from 1999-2002 and currently lives in Miami.
Ali Alcott Cifuentes
Ali played soccer for BU from 2011-2015 and lives in Anchorage, Alaska.
Pierce Greenberg
Pierce was a member of the track and field team from 2007-2011 and resides in Omaha, Nebraska.
Jennifer and Matt Reynolds
Jennifer was a member of the women's soccer team from 2004-08, while Matt played baseball from 2003-2007. 


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