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Academic Center

Hours: Monday - 8:00am-8:00pm

             Tuesday - 8:00am-8:00pm

             Wednesday - 8:00am-8:00pm

             Thursday - 8:00am-8:00pm

             Friday - 8:00am-4:00pm

             Saturday - Closed

             Sunday - Closed

The athletic department's academic center offers a quiet, monitored, study environment exclusively for student-athletes. Located within the athletic office inside the Curb Event Center, the academic center offers study tables, seven computers to use for class assignments and free printing for academic related purposes only.

Mandatory support services for all new student-athletes:

Counseling Sessions

All new freshmen and transfers must attend, one-on-one counseling meeting with an Academic Support Staff person during their initial semester. During these meetings, the student-athlete and academic counselor discuss class assignments, strategies for communicating with professors, personal challenges and other issues related to academic progress.

Study Hall

All new freshmen must log six hours of study hall time per week during their initial semester while transfers must log three hours. Study hall hours are monitored by Academic Support Staff and reported to head coaches in a weekly report. Student-athletes may complete their weekly study hall requirements at their own pace but must log their hours within designated locations on campus (i.e., the library, the student-athlete academic center in the Curb Event Center or other approved areas). These designated study locations will be determined by the Academic Coordinator at the beginning of each semester and will be communicated to the new student-athletes at that time. NOTE: Head coaches have the authority to require additional study hall hours for their student-athletes, including upper-level student-athletes. All coaches will communicate such requirements directly to their student-athletes.

Optional Support Services:

Tutorial Assistance

Individual tutoring services are available to Belmont student-athletes at no charge.  Tutors are hired by the Academic Coordinator and are typically upper-level students who are selected on the basis of their educational training, classroom performance, and ability to teach.  Tutors must be recommended by a faculty member or qualified administrative personnel within a particular academic area (i.e. an office manager who coordinates tutors within an academic department). Written recommendations must be submitted directly to the Academic Coordinator in the athletic office before a tutor can begin tutoring sessions with a student-athlete.  When possible, the athletic department refrains from hiring student-athletes to serve as tutors to avoid possible NCAA violations and/or investigations.  Athletic department policy prohibits the hiring of student-athletes to tutor other student-athletes within the same sport.

Tutors will be paid with funds from the Academic Enhancement Fund or the Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund, both of which are grants provided by the NCAA with the intent to offer direct benefit to student-athletes on campus.  Therefore, for the purposes of this policy, the term, "student-athlete," shall be defined as a student who is a current member of one of the Belmont University's NCAA Division I sponsored sports and whose name appears on the official eligibility has expired but who remain enrolled at Belmont University for the purposes of completing their degrees.  Tutorial assistance will be limited to those students who meet the definition outlined above.

Academic Support Staff will recommend tutors for student-athletes they feel are academically "at-risk" in a particular subject area; however, all student-athletes are strongly encouraged to inform Academic Support Staff of their need for tutoring.  Student-athletes do not have to be failing a class in order to qualify for tutorial assistance.  In fact, may Belmont student-athletes utilize tutors to help achieve a personal in a particular class or to "catch up" on lectures and assignments they've missed due to team travel.  In all cases, student-athletes are encouraged to request tutors early in the semester BEFORE difficulties arise within a particular class.

How to Request a Tutor

A student-athlete must submit a Tutor Request Form to the Academic Coordinator.  Note: it generally takes about a week to line up a tutor after the Tutor Request Form has been submitted. The Academic Coordinator will provide the student-athlete with the name and phone number of a qualified tutor and will also contact the tutor to notify him or her of the student-athlete's needs.  The student-athlete and tutor will schedule their own session times and locations, and the tutor will report his or her hours to the Academic Coordinator at the end of each month.  Tutorial sessions are not a substitute for class lectures.  All student-athletes are expected to arrive for their tutoring sessions on time and well prepared.  Student-athletes who are repeatedly tardy, unprepared, or who fail to show up for tutoring sessions will lose their free tutoring privileges.

NOTE:  The athletic department will not hire tutors to assist student-athletes in writing papers. Belmont University's Writing Center provides free, one-to-one tutorial assistance to the entire Belmont community.  The tutors who staff the center are all experienced professors of writing. Student-athletes are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the expertise available to them in the Writing Center.  The Academic Coordinator will consider exceptions to this policy only if a professor strongly recommends or requires a writing tutor for a student-athlete.  In these extreme cases, the writing tutor will be assigned and strictly monitored by the faculty member who recommended the assistance or by a faculty member in Belmont's English Department.

Academic Counseling

In addition to the counseling sessions mandated for new freshmen and transfers, one-on-one academic counseling sessions are also available to any student-athletes who request the service and feel they will benefit from the continued structure of the weekly meetings. Also, weekly counseling sessions may be required for student-athletes who are considered "at-risk" for academic problems (as determined by the Academic Coordinator and head coaches).


Career-Related Testing Services

Through Belmont University's Office of Career Services, the Athletic Department offers various testing services and personality assessments to help student-athletes explore their interests and possible career options.  These tests include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strengths Finder, Focus and more.  Focus is a self-paced career guidance tool designed to assist you with self-assessment, career exploration and planning.  The assessment will profile your interests, skills, values, personality, and preferences.  You may then explore occupations and career paths that match your profiles and use the tools available to narrow down your options, map your career goals, and solidify your plans.  

To take one of the many career-related tests, student-athletes must contact the Office of Career Services at 460-6490 to schedule an appointment.  Student-athletes should allow 30-45 minutes to take the tests and another 30 minutes or so for a one-on-one session with a career counselor to help interpret the test results.  All testing fees are paid by Belmont's Department of Athletics.  When scheduling testing appointments, student-athletes simply need to inform the Office of Career Services of their athletic status to avoid paying the testing fees.