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PHOTO GALLERY - Through the Years: Women in Sport at Belmont

Women's Basketball 50th Reunion Recap

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - - Belmont University Athletics is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Women in Sport during the 2017-18 academic year, highlighted by a reunion weekend Jan. 26-27, 2018.

Female student-athletes will don Nike warmup jerseys at athletic competitions bearing the 50th Anniversary of Women in Sport logo.

The Jan. 26-27 reunion weekend will bring back student-athletes, coaches and support staff from multiple generations across all Bruin sports and take place around the scheduled OVC basketball doubleheader vs. SIU Edwardsville.

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebration, the Bruins are unveiling a list of 50 individuals who significantly impacted women in sport at Belmont.

Comprised of student-athletes, coaches, administrators and program benefactors, the list commemorates how Betty Wiseman's singular vision in 1968 gave rise to generations of triumphs on and off the field of play.

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2017-18 Belmont University 50th Anniversary Women in Sport Tentative Schedule of Events

50 for 50 - Belmont University Women in Sport (listed alphabetically)

  • Ali Alcott
  • Jessica Bobbitt
  • Carl Chaney
  • Alysha Clark
  • Lindsay Cleveland Marlow
  • Elizabeth Conyer
  • Gail Corder Hassell
  • Tony Cross
  • Christy Csorna
  • Cristin Czubik Allen
  • Kelli Davis Weathers
  • Eva de Paulis
  • Bonnie Elder
  • Kerri Evans Hilliard
  • April Faircloth
  • Lori Fischer
  • Dr. Herbert Gabhart
  • Chrissie Herring
  • Kat Hollingsworth
  • Erin Janson DeLucas
  • Maggie Johnson
  • Pat Johnson
  • Mindy Jones
  • Sari Lin
  • Allison McCoy
  • Brandi Miller
  • Jaymie Moore Rankhorn
  • Cat Mundy
  • Cameron Newbauer
  • Colleen Nilson
  • Andy Palk
  • Kathleen Penner
  • Daree Pilkinton Merritt
  • Lizz Pollock Allen
  • Lynette Rives
  • Sandra Smallwood
  • Aimee Smith Brown
  • Charlotte Speakman
  • Mike Strickland
  • Jan Thrailkill
  • Larry Thrailkill
  • Brittany Thune Lindberg
  • Jayme Trocino
  • Lorie Warren Drake
  • Keely Weaver Corlew
  • Jana Williams
  • Lauren Williams Weaver
  • Betty Wiseman
  • Hannah Wittman
  • Sherri Wright Dickens