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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Belmont Student-Athlete Committee (SAAC) is hosting a Mental Health Awareness Week on campus during the week of February 18-22.

Events during the week will focus on current mental health issues, campus resources, effective ways to cope with stress and anxiety.  All events are held in conjunction with the Ohio Valley Conference's Mental Health Awareness Week.  #OVrComeTheStigma

" goal of this week is to raise awareness for mental health and encourage athletes to speak up and seek help when they need it," said Hayley Baker, a senior on the softball team and a Belmont SAAC member.  "We focus on our physical health so much between practices, strength and conditioning, and nutrition, but mental health is just as important. Taking better care of our mental health can improve our performance on the field, in school, and lead to happier lives!"

The schedule of events includes:

Monday, February 18 – 10:00am – JAAC Room 1034
Mental Health Panel moderated by Belmont Assistant Coaches Kate Bucknam and Kassie Powell
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Monday, February 18 – 7pm – Beaman Center Group Fitness Room
Body Positivity Yoga
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Monday, February 18 – 8:00pm – Johnson Theater
Pre-Screening of "Run the Race" Movie produced by Tim Tebow
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Wednesday, February 20 – 10:00am – Massey 203
Mental Health Resources on the Belmont Campus with Dave Jaeger of the Counseling Center
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Wednesday, February 20 – 7:00pm – University Ministries
Mindfulness to Improve Mental Health and Athletic Performance Talk by A.J. Heritage, PhD
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Friday, February 22 --- 10:00am – JAAC Room 1034
Entrepreneurship and Mental Health with Jordon Washington, Belmont student and creator of College in Color Coloring Book.
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