2016-17 Bruin Club Application

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Why Join the Bruin Club? BECAUSE WE NEED YOU!!!

Belmont University's championship tradition and long history of athletic excellence will only continue as long as you support our programs.

You can claim an essential role in supporting the scholar-athletes that compete for Belmont in 17 NCAA Division-I sports.

Your membership gift will help provide athletic scholarships for young men and women whose achievements in NCAA Division I and the Ohio Valley Conference represent bright futures in every area of society.

Member Benefits

Listed in Bruin Club Application above

Bruin Club

What is the Bruin Club?

  • It is the official annual fundraising organization for Belmont Athletics and it supports the student athletes who comprise 17 NCAA Division 1 teams.
  • Contributions to the Bruin Club help increase athletic scholarships and provide program enhancements critical to the growing demands of competition at a higher level.
  • Strong support to the Bruin Club helps recruit, educate and train the highest caliber student athletes.  Belmont student athletes are known for their service, exemplary behavior, compassion, academic achievement and competitive prowess on and off the playing field.

Ways to Give to the Bruin Club

Cash Donations
Matching Gifts (from your employer)
Planned Giving (Wills & Bequests)
Real Estate
Life Income/Charitable Trusts
Corporate Memberships

Bruin Club Contact Information

The Bruin Club                                                   
Belmont University                                             
1900 Belmont Blvd                                             
Nashville, TN  37212                                         


As a student-athlete, you have higher expectations placed upon you to represent your university in a positive manner.  Belmont gave me the tools to set a positive example for my teammates and peers.  I grew more confident in my abilities both as an athlete and a student because of the support and encouragement of Belmont’s stellar Academic Support team.  Because of my positive experience at Belmont, I had the skills necessary to work for ESPN, the United States Olympic Committee, CMT (Country Music Television), and at the university level.  My Belmont undergraduate career inspired me to pursue my PhD and return to the university level to give students a similar experience to what I had. 

Erin Mullen ‘07

Athletic Scholarship Endowment

Endowed funds have one objective: to support the initiatives not for just one year, or even for one generation, but in perpetuity.  An endowed fund can be established with cash, securities, real estate or through a bequest and can be established in the donor’s name or as a tribute to a friend or loved one.

Endowed gifts can be designated to support

  • our outstanding people (student-athletes or coaches)
  • our outstanding programs (specific sports or teams or athletics in general)
  • our outstanding facilities (maintenance of our playing fields or academic support locations)

Athletic Scholarship Endowment Amounts (gifts can be made in installments up to five years and can be named whatever the donor chooses)

Endowment Amounts
                                                 Sample Items to be paid by Endowment Payouts

$25,000 would generate $1,000                                  Scholar Athlete Awards ($1,000)

$50,000 would generate $2,000                                  Media Relations Technology Upgrades ($1,000)

$100,000 would generate $4,000                                Athletic Academic Center computers ($2,000)

$250,000 would generate $10,000                              Team Equipment Upgrades ($10,000)

$500,000 would generate $20,000                              Tutors for student athletes ($20,000)

$1,000,000 would generate $40,000                           Full Athletic Scholarship for 2015-16 ($42,720)


Current Endowed Athletic Scholarships

Robert Barnes Outstanding Senior Scholar Athlete Award

Johnson-Rotella Women’s Tennis Endowed Scholarship

Dan and Lisa Foutch Endowed Scholarship

Belmont Basketball Endowed Scholarship

Other Giving Methods

I am interested in learning more about:

  • Scholarship Endowment and how I can further support the mission of Belmont Athletics by making a gift that provides a permanent source of income
  • Making a planned gift
  • Making a gift and designating it for a specific sport or team need

When Coach Byrd gave me the opportunity to play for his basketball team I could not have dreamed how beneficial it would be to my career now.  Playing for one of the best coaches in college basketball inspired me to become a coach as well.  Currently I am an assistant coach at Cumberland University and constantly push my athletes to be great the same way my staff did me when I was in school.  I cannot say enough about what Belmont did for me as a student, athlete, person, and now a working class citizen.  My experience can best be summed up by the fact that I literally left a boy but through my time spent I became a man.  Belmont has grown so much and just being apart of that growth makes me feel like I have made a difference.

Brian Collins ‘06
Men’s Basketball

Planned Giving

Planned gifts are a vehicle for donors to designate gifts for endowed athletic scholarships, endowed athletic programs, or endowed coaching positions.  Planned gifts are most often accumulated assets and are used to build the university’s endowment for long term financial stability.

What constitutes a planned gift?

A planned gift is one that is legally consummated during the donor’s lifetime but the principle benefits for Belmont most often occur at some future date – usually after the death of the donor. 

Planned gifts may include:

  • Gifts of cash or securities
  • Assets other than cash or securities
  • Life income gifts whereby the donor transfers to Belmont an asset and retains or provides for another person or persons an income for life
  • Charitable lead trusts that permit individuals to save on income, gift and estate taxes while providing for Belmont
  • Bequests to the university

If you have already made provision for Belmont in your will or through another type of planned gift, or if you want more information about how planned gifts can be an integral part of your estate planning, please denote that on the ‘Other Giving Methods’ tear off sheet on the previous page.


I arrived at Belmont University as a freshman, not knowing what expect and unsure of whether or not it was the right place for me.  I graduated from Belmont four years later, sad to leave behind a place that had come to feel like an extension of home.  Over time, mere acquaintances became my good friends, professors became my mentors, and teammates became my confidants.  Through it all, Belmont provided me with the tools to grow as a student-athlete, as a leader, as a young professional, and most importantly, as a person. I may have felt as though I arrived at Belmont as an individual, but I look back knowing that I departed from Belmont as part of a family.  For that I am not only forever grateful, but forever proud to call myself a Bruin, as well.

John Baldwin '06
Men's Golf

Sport Specific Giving

Aside from your support of the Bruin Club, which is essentially the athletic department’s annual fund, we have needs in every sport and provide you an opportunity to support in any way the team of your choice.

Specific team needs include program enhancements, team travel and team equipment.  By giving to a specific sport, you are given the opportunity to directly impact a sport in which you may have played or a sport in which you feel passionate about supporting.

Belmont fields teams in the following sports:

  • Baseball
  • Women’s & Men’s Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Women’s & Men’s Cross Country
  • Women’s & Men’s Golf
  • Women’s & Men’s Soccer
  • Softball
  • Women’s & Men’s Tennis
  • Women’s & Men’s Track & Field (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Volleyball


My experience at Belmont University was nothing short of amazing. I received the utmost support from my coaches, professors, and student-athlete advisors.  Through Belmont's mentorship I not only grew as a student-athlete, but developed into a responsible member of the community. I was always encouraged to reach heights I never thought possible. Interestingly, I now find myself coaching and mentoring students at local high schools. I have also attained my Professional Teaching Certifcate.  I am truly proud to be a Belmont Bruin Alumn and plan to be an active part of Belmont for the rest of my life.

Mete Ozkan '09
Men's Soccer


Q: Why should I give to the Bruin Club?

A: The Bruin Club allows Belmont athletics to meet its goals of graduation, integrity, and winning. It also allows Belmont to address the rising costs that are associated with competition at the Division I level. The support of our members allows our coaches and our teams to build and maintain successful sports programs.

Your support is an investment, not only in the athletic department, but also in the lives of each student athlete who wears the Belmont Red & Blue. Bruin Club gifts primarily go towards student-athlete scholarships, which total more than $3.2 million. As more money can be raised through the Bruin Club, more of the additional budgeted money in the athletic department can be used for updating training facilities and equipment, enhancing team travel, maintaining the finest coaches, improving academic support programs and other essential components required to support all of Belmont's teams and sports.

Q: How do I join the Bruin Club?

A: You can join by going here, completing the necessary forms, and giving at whichever level is most appropriate for you.

Q: Is my donation to the Bruin Club tax-deductible?

A: Yes. Belmont University is a 501C-3 tax-deductible organization. An acknowledgement letter will be sent to you upon receiving your gift and will serve as a receipt of your contribution. As with any tax issue, you should consult with your tax advisor.

Q: How is my money used?

A: Your membership gift will help contribute to the future success of our student-athletes. Sixty-five percent (65%) of every membership dollar goes directly toward student-athlete scholarships. Twenty percent (20%) goes toward the purchase of student-athlete awards and recognition items. And, fifteen percent (15%) is applied toward maintaining the Curb Event Center. We need your continued help and support more and more each year as Belmont athletes strive to get to the next level.

Q: What are the deadlines for my contribution?

A: The Bruin Club operates on a fiscal year calendar, in line with the University calendar. Therefore, Bruin Club memberships begin June 1 and end May 31 of the following year. If you join anytime within that timeframe, your contribution will only grant you membership through the following May 31.

Q: Do I have to give $100 to be a Bruin Club member?

A: While we do accept and appreciate any and all financial contributions, your gift must meet the $100 minimum to receive any Bruin Club membership benefits.

Q: What is the Vince Gill Room?

A: The Vince Gill Room serves as the main hospitality room for the Bruin Club. Located above the main concourse on the West side of the Curb Event Center, the Vince Gill Room overlooks the arena and serves as a place for Bruin Club members who contribute $500 or more to meet, network, and get something to eat or drink during halftime of Men's and Women's basketball games.

Q: Does my Bruin Club allow me to purchase basketball season tickets?

A: You do not have to give to the Bruin Club to purchase basketball season tickets. However, if you are interested in sitting in the Bruin Club section (located just behind the Home bench and at center court), a Bruin Club contribution of $500 is required.

Q: How much are basketball season tickets and where can I purchase them?

A: Basketball season tickets are $140 per person and grant you access to all Men's and Women's basketball games. Tickets can be purchased by calling our box office at (615) 460-BALL.

Q: Why do I have to contribute $500 in order to have access into the Vince Gill Room and sit in the designated Bruin Club sections?

A: While we do appreciate any and all financial contributions, we do require a minimum gift of $500 to purchase basketball season tickets in the Bruin Club section and visit the hospitality room during halftime. This is due primarily to the cost of the food and beverages served in the hospitality room and the desire of the Bruin Club to ensure the benefits received at this contribution level are a privilege based on the commitment made.

Q: What benefits will I receive as part of my Bruin Club membership?

A: A member benefits chart can be found in the Bruin Club application form. On top of all the tangible benefits you will receive, you also get the satisfaction and fulfillment of knowing your money is being used for the enrichment of our student athletes.

Q: What opportunities are there for my children to get involved in Belmont athletics?

A: By joining the Bruin Cub Club for just $15, your children will receive a Belmont T-shirt, a birthday card from our mascot, Bruiser, the opportunity to serve as "Paint Patrol" (our version of ball boys and girls), special notices and upcoming events, and an invitation to participate in Belmont's summer teams sports camps.