Director: Dr. Barry Kraus

While the oncourt college basketball action is the engine that drives gameday, so much goes into maximizing the overall experience for Bruin fans. From the moment the arena opens to the sound of the final horn, hundreds of diligent people are working in concert to provide an environment of excitement and family fun.

The Belmont pep band is comprised of some of the most talented and dedicated young musicians in Nashville. Under the direction of Dr. Barry Kraus, the pep band harnesses the energy from a Belmont spurt and always keeps the crowd alive. Their ability to improvise during timeouts is unparalled and separates them from the pack in the Atlantic Sun.

Bruin Blast performs at all men's and women's home basketball games and selected events across the campus. Membership is open to all Belmont students through audition. Auditions are held the first week in September and consist of a few major scales and sight-reading. The band hold three rehearsals prior to the start of the season.  Members travel to Atlantic Sun and NCAA basketball tournaments.